The Beckslab Team

 We work on food webs, phenotypic plasticity and parrot conservation. We are funded by the EU, UKRI/NERC and the University of Sheffield.
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Andrew Beckerman

Professor of Evolutionary Ecology

Food Webs, Phenotypic Plasticity, Parrot Conservation Ecology


Dr. Dörthe Becker

Marie Curie Independent Research Fellow

Daphnia Phenotypic Plasticity


Dr. Eva Delmas

NERC Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Food Webs, Multiple Stressors, Predictability and Generality


Dr. Chris Griffiths

NERC Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Food Webs and the Coherence of Stability


Penelope Blyth

PhD - University of Sheffield Funded

Food Web Complexity and Dynamics


Zuzanna Zagrodzka

PhD - University of Sheffield/UK Reproducibility Network

Reproducibility in Evolution and Climate Science


Erika Hansson

PhD - University of Sheffield

Evolutionary Ecology of Herbicide Resistance


Tamora James


Conservation Ecology and Modelling

Affiliated Post Docs

:: Dr. Isobel Eyres (Royals Society Dorothy Hodgkins Fellow - Rotifer Evolution Project)

:: Dr. Thomas Guillerme (PDRA with Dr. Gavin Thomas - The macroevolutionary consequences of trait correlations)

Affiliated PhD 

:: Nathan White (2018 - 2022; Speciation in rotifers; co-supervised with Roger Butlin)

:: Tom Lewis (2019-2023; Great Green Macaw Conservation Demography; co-supervised with Dylan Childs)

Masters Students

:: Tanith Hackney-Huck (MBiolSci)
:: Alina Smith (MRes)
:: Victoria Bannister (MBiolSci)
:: Ellen Collins (MRes)


Food Webs and Foraging Theory
-- Dr. Benno Simmons
-- Prof. Owen Petchey
-- Dr. Timothée Poisot
-- Dr. Ute Jacob
-- Dr. Julia Blanchard
-- Prof. Phil Warren
-- Prof. Tom Webb

Daphnia - Genomics, Genetics and Life History Evolution
-- Alan Bergland (University of Virginia)

Algae Biotechnology
-- Dr. Jags Panhal

Parrot Conservation and Ecology
-- Dr. Jamie Gilardi (World Parrot Trust)
-- Dr. Sam Williams (ECHO/ARA)
-- Dr. Rowan Williams (WPT)

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