Work with us

We support projects on food webs, phenotypic plasticity and parrot conservation.

We accept PhD students via the ACCE-Doctoral Training Partnership and through the University of Sheffield.  We have two studentships, in partnership with Unilver via ACCE.  

Ecological risk assessment and food webs: multiple stressor effects on biodiversity and ecosystem function
Ecological risk assessment and food webs: identifying ecosystem tipping points under multistress

We also accept PhD applications from international students year round via PhD in Food Web Networks and Environmental Change: Exploring how natural and anthropogenic stress influence the structure and dynamics of communities.

Researchers interested in Post-Doctoral/Research Associate positions are encouraged to get in touch.  We have a strong track record of supporting international research fellows and welcome inquiry from around the world.

Post Docs

If you are interested in joining the lab as a post doc, via fellowships or independent funding, get in touch with your CV and a letter describing your experience and interests.

We've hosted people from around the world including Chile, Sweden, Germany and Australia

Positions linked to grants will be posted here too.


Looking for a PhD? We typically work through doctoral training programmes in the UK.   Posts are advertised Nov-Dec.

International students can apply at anytime. We are happy to help with applications for funding.  Send your CV and ideas.

We've worked with students from Iraq, Kuwait, and Malaysia

Short Visits

We welcome short visits, study leave and sabbatical visitors!

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