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Food Webs

We explore the structure, complexity and dynamics of food webs. We use optimal foraging theory to define the rules linking predators and prey. We predict the impacts of multiple simultaneous threats to ecosystems. This is network biology.


Predation and Plasticity

We study the ecology and evolution of phenotypic plasticity focusing on anti-predator phenotypes, their local adaptation, and the underlying physiological trade-offs in a range of freshwater predator-prey systems inlcuding daphnia and rotifers. 


Parrot Conservation Modelling

We study the conservation and demography of parrots in Central America and the Caribbean. We link this to socioeconomics and trade-offs in conservation management. We study trade networks. We build models.


News from the Lab

• Two New PhD Studentships Available linking Environmental Risk Assessment and Food Web Networks

• Congratulations to Dr.  Tamora James on a successful PhD viva and on her Conservation Biology paper.

• Celebrations with Dr. Benno Simmons for publications in Functional Ecology and PLoS Biology

• Welcome to Penelope Blyth and Zuzanna Zagrodzka, who've started their PhD in the lab

• Congratulations to Dr. Eva Delmas on her successful PhD defence/viva!  

• Congratulations to Dr. Isobel Eyers on winning a prestigous Dorothy Hodgkins Fellowship to work on speciation in rotifers (co-mentored with Roger Butlin).

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