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Food Webs

We explore the structure, complexity and dynamics of food webs. We use optimal foraging theory to define the rules linking predators and prey. We predict the impacts of multiple simultaneous threats to ecosystems. This is network biology.


Predation and Plasticity

We study the ecology and evolution of phenotypic plasticity focusing on anti-predator phenotypes, their local adaptation, and the underlying physiological trade-offs in a range of freshwater predator-prey systems inlcuding daphnia and rotifers. 


Parrot Conservation Modelling

We study the conservation and demography of parrots in Central America and the Caribbean. We link this to socioeconomics and trade-offs in conservation management. We study trade networks. We build models.


News from the Lab

• We welcome soon to be Dr. Eva Delmas, and Dr. Chris Griffiths, to the lab working on how multiple stressors impact communities at multiple ecological scales.  Miss Penelope Blyth is to start her PhD in October on the same topic.  Dr. Benno Simmons starts his fantastic Royal Commission for 1851 Fellowship hosted at Uni Exeter.

• They all join Dr. Dörthe Becker as a prestigous Marie Curie IRF working on Daphnia evolutionary biology and asexuality.

• Miss Tamora James is nearly finished with her PhD on Parrot Demography and Conservation (co-supervised with Dylan Childs).  Mr. Tom Lewis (co-supervised with Dylan Childs) is riding out the Covid-time and collecting audio-call data from the parrots in Costa-Rica too

• Dr. Thomas Guilliame joins the lab of Dr. Gavin Thomas working on The macroevolutionary consequences of trait correlations, with APB as Co-I

• Recent grants supporting this work: 
The coherence of ecological stability among ecosystems and across ecological scales
Towards a general theory of ecological impacts of multiple, simultaneous stressors
The macroevolutionary consequences of trait correlations

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